Rianne d. B.

Rypke 321 X Ouke 313
Studbook Ster mare with a second premie
(Stb Ster / Stb / Stb Ster / Stb Ster )
Stam 015
Imported from Holland
Height: 164 cm / 16.0 1/2 hands (officially measured at the Keuring in 2008)

Rianne’s sire Rypke 321 has been approved on offspring

Rianne’s dam Nynke van de Lage Landen is a Studbook Ster mare out of Ouke 313
Ouke 313 has been approved on offspring

Breeder: A. de Boer
Owner: Erica & John Lock

Dwarfism: no carrier
Hydrocephalus: no carrier

Progeny of Rianne:

Nynke Van Gelder
Rianne Van Gelder

Rianne d. B. (Stb Ster)

Rypke 321 (Stb) Feitse 293
(Stb Preferent)
Jochem (Stb Sport + Preferent)
Lysebet (Stb Ster + Preferent)
Elsbet ut de Mieden
(Stb Ster)
Wessel 237 (Stb Preferent)
Elskje (Stb Ster + Preferent)
Nynke van de Lage Landen
(Stb Ster)
Ouke 313 (Stb) Hearke 254 (Stb Sport + Preferent)
Erna (Stb Ster + Preferent)
Aaltje (Stb) Franke 251 (Stb)
Jo (Stb Ster)
Pedigree by Van Gelder Friesians