Goffert 369S X Melle 311S
Studbook mare with a third premie
(Stb / Stb Ster / Stb Ster + Preferent / Stb Ster / Stb Model + Preferent / Stb Ster)
Stam 143
Height: 157 cm / 15.1 3/4 hands (officially measured at the Keuring in 2011)

Jewel’s sire is Goffert 369S
Goffert 369S was the first Friesian stallion competing at Grand Prix Level Dressage
Goffert 369S has been approved on offspring
Jewel is the only mare in Australia by Goffert 369S

Jewel’s dam Valkyrie is a Studbook mare by Melle 311S 
Melle 311S was Champion stallion at the Stallion Show in 1996 and Reserve Champion stallion at the Stallion Show in 1993, 1994 and 1995
Melle 311S has been approved on offspring

Breeder: Marianne Robinson
Owner: Erica & John Lock

Dwarfism: no carrier
Hydrocephalus: no carrier

Progeny of Jewel:

Yeske Van Gelder
Annichje Van Gelder
Jewel Van Gelder
Missy Van Gelder
Parel Van Gelder
Tigger Van Gelder
Eliah Van Gelder

Jewel (Stb)

Goffert 369
(Stb Sport)
Reitse 272
(Stb Sport + Preferent)
Hearke 254 (Stb Sport + Preferent)
Pauliene (Stb Ster + Preferent)
Nynke J.
(Stb Ster)
Cobus 248 (Stb)
Sonja (Stb Model + Preferent)
Melle 311
(Stb Sport)
Frans 289 (Stb)
Woltje (Stb Ster + Preferent)
(Stb Ster)
Pyt 325 (Stb)
Maria v.'t Hop (Stb Ster + Preferent)
Pedigree by Van Gelder Friesians